Open Invitation: Benzer Pharmacy Retools “Discovery Days” for Franchisee Hopefuls

Posted By: franchise | August 24, 2018
Benzer Discovery Day for Prospective Franchisee


You can read all the glossy owner manuals you want, but if you really want to get a feel for the way a new car performs there’s no substitute for getting behind the wheel. The same thing holds true for independent pharmacists and entrepreneurs searching for their next turn-key investment. Thankfully, they will be getting their long-awaited chance to take advantage of the closest thing, next to a test drive, in the form of Benzer Franchise “Discovery Days.”

Held on a monthly basis, Discovery Days provides a forum where Benzer senior leaders, such as President Alpesh Patel, Business Development Director Vinesh Darji, and Marketing Director Colin Angle (among other department directors), lay out the framework of the Benzer Franchisee model—front-to-back—through the course of an immersive, high-impact, single-day session.

A first look at this fine-tuned machine

For most hopefuls, Discovery Day offers a first look “under the hood” at the process of becoming a Benzer Pharmacy Franchisee. Attendees are introduced to the inner workings of the company through presentations geared at explaining the kinds of support and resources available to them. They learn the reasons why joining the Benzer movement makes sound business sense and what they can expect once they get the green light.

A better opportunity from the ground up

If recent past performance is any indication, the 2018-19 model year is going to be a great one for Benzer Pharmacy Franchisees. In the last six months, Benzer Corporate has converted an impressive number of new locations to franchisees across the country. And while each has a unique story to tell, we find the words of [Son Nguyen], a Benzer Franchisee since [March 2018], speak to the heart of the matter:

“When I looked into Benzer Franchise, I found that their team was very knowledgeable, very understanding about what my needs were and my bottom line. Compared to others, it took me hardly any time to set up my pharmacy. They held my hand from the beginning to the end, and turned what could have been a harrowing experience into an enjoyable one.”

More importantly, the founders believe that it’s one thing to hear these success stories, but quite another to live them out. That’s why they work in partnership—both directly and indirectly—with every new franchisee to provide the guidance they need to survive and thrive as part of this exciting, fast-moving organization.

The next Benzer Franchise “Discovery Day” is scheduled for Friday, 28th September 2018 at Benzer Corporate headquarters located at 5908 Breckenridge Parkway, Tampa, FL 33610.
Buckle up!

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