A Pharmacist’s Road to Entrepreneurship: Why The Benzer Pharmacy Franchise Model is Appealing

Posted By: franchise | April 10, 2018
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The challenge of opening a new pharmacy can represent a pretty big mountain to overcome. And yet, once you decide to go for it, there’s an electrifying rush that comes with the climb ahead. The picture is easy to envision: a panoramic view from the top of a successful and profitable new venture. With a little imagination, you can almost see the healthy stream of new business before you can get your hands on it.

Typically, that’s right before you get hit by an avalanche of tedious details

Benzer Pharmacy has been there. And back. More importantly, we also know there’s no reason for you to go it alone.  Naturally, the details can be wearying, but they need not wear you out. Our professionals are expert guides who know the terrain inside and out. Even better, they not only will hold your hand to a great extent at the start but will continue to provide support that doesn’t stop throughout every stage of the journey.

Setting up base camp as a Benzer Pharmacy Franchisee

The bigger the mountain, the longer it takes to reach the top. That much stands to reason. Typically, the mounting pressures of running a business can leave many wondering what they got themselves into. If you’re an individual who is accustomed to carrying that kind of weight, we know your pain. That’s why we created the Benzer Pharmacy Franchisee Program.

Becoming a Benzer Pharmacy Franchisee is decidedly simple and straightforward. Essentially, it’s a turnkey operation that’s scalable for growth in single store business or through multiple locations. In either case, our account managers will help you walk you through the process from inception to implementation and beyond.

Just as importantly, when you’re ready for that first step, we can help you get off on the right foot. Here are four quick starting points:   

Location Identification

Our site selection experts analyze comprehensive demographic information and prescription histories to determine underserved population centers or areas with high potential. From there, we’ll suggest sites most likely to put your pharmacy in its best position to succeed.

Acquisition Assistance

If you are in the market for a currently operating and financially viable pharmacy, we can make it happen. Even better, we can act as your partner in applying for licenses, setting up wholesaler accounts, and negotiating the purchase price, transfer and closing of the transaction. We’ll even help set up your security system after the sale!

Single Point-of-Contact 

Naturally, you’re going to have questions. So, we will assign you a dedicated account manager for answers. That way, no matter what you come across in your business, you’ll always have help in bridging the divide.

Partners in Progress 

As a Benzer Pharmacy Franchisee, you’ll join others in benefiting from our existing vendor relationships and previously negotiated deep discount prices. That entitles you to pay the same rates for cost-of-goods as the larger corporate entity, including proprietary savings on specialty drugs as stipulated in the 340b Program (if available in your area).

Joining together with Benzer Pharmacy might seem like a big leap of faith, but that’s no reason to hold your breath before evaluating the trajectory. Simply stay calm and reach out to any one of our current pharmacists and formerly independent entrepreneurs who can tell you the difference we’ve made in their business.

And honestly, in their personal lives as well.

What you’ll find through them, and through access to more than 75 professionals at the corporate office, are consistent stories about going above and beyond. Together, they touch on every subject from human resources, legal matters, and marketing to medication therapy management, insurance contracting, pre-authorization services, and much more.

In your position as a prospective franchisee, the entire process can be as hands-on, or as hands-off, as you desire. The professionals at Benzer Pharmacy are here to serve you. That way you can get a better grip on the details—even the ones that tend to drive you up the proverbial wall.

In the big climb toward success, it’s never the fall that kills.

It’s the sudden stop.

For more information, visit http://franchise.benzerpharmacy.com

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