Stressed Out Pharmacist Feature

Bringing Pharmacists ‘Back from the Brink’ of Burnout

For high-achieving independent pharmacists and their corporate counterparts, the circumstances that lead to burnout on the job are fairly common. Most point to overwhelming workloads, exponential distractions and a shortage in support staff, among others. Those problems aren’t going away anytime soon, but they are causing some critically damaging side effects to the practitioners themselves—right... (Read more)
Customer Service Blog Article Feature

Benzer Pharmacy Franchise’s Winning Approach to Customer Service

To any independent pharmacy, or business for that matter, customer service is no game. And yet, it can still be thought of as a contest. The winners understand that doing the right things—in the right order—is how to ensure positive outcomes across the board. For example, Benzer Pharmacy is focused on spreading the importance of independent... (Read more)
customer-centricity, a secret of Pharmacy's success

Advancing Your Pharmacy’s Success In An Ever-Changing Market

The pharmaceutical industry is constantly altering as new methods develop, namely the customer-centric model. The product-centric model, a way of the past, emphasizes the value of each product, virtually leaving the consumer out of the equation. Contrastly, customer-centricity returns the center of business to the customer. The customer-centric model aims to maximize the customer’s experience throughout... (Read more)

Role of a GPO in the Pharmacy Business

Group purchasing organizations or GPOs can leverage a group of businesses’ purchasing power to get discounts from vendors. Lower rates, incentives, and the likes are often obtained through the collective buying power of the members of a GPO. There are several types of GPOs, classified under vertical and horizontal market. The vertical-market GPO includes those... (Read more)
How to Gain More profit and Grow Store Count with a Pharmacy Franchise

How to Gain More profit and Grow Store Count with a Pharmacy Franchise

Reasons why joining Benzer Pharmacy Franchise will help you gain more profit and grow store count   Benzer Pharmacy accomplishes the pharmacy franchise business goals in one step through their franchise model, for a nominal fee. Increased purchasing power along with the reduction of cost of goods and expenses. As a franchise owner, your cost... (Read more)
Our easy to read customized pill trays for morning, afternoon, evening, and bedtime medications

Benzer Pharmacy Pill Trays

Having trouble remembering when to take medication? Benzer Pharmacy is here to serve you. Our easy to read customized pill trays for morning, afternoon, evening, and bedtime medications are available exclusively at Benzer Pharmacy. Visit your nearest Benzer Pharmacy location and ask your pharmacist more about Pill Trays.  ... (Read more)
340B program drug pricing is a negotiated process between pharmaceutical companies and the government

340B Program Drug Pricing

The 340B program emerged in the early nineties under the Bush administration to provide a pharmaceutical purchasing reductions for specific covered entities. In essence, pharmaceutical manufacturers were asked to provide discounted drug pricing to private, non-profit or government-owned institutions where high drug costs can be detrimental to the intended public service. More specifically, children’s hospitals,... (Read more)