SHARE and LIKE: Social Media Strategies for Independent Pharmacies

Posted By: franchise | March 22, 2018
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Building goodwill on a one-on-one basis should come naturally to every independent pharmacist. But what about building goodwill on a scale of one-to-a-hundred? One-to-a-thousand? Or more? For independent pharmacists social media management and strategy can feel difficult, but that is what Benzer is here for. We are a solution for pharmacy entrepreneurs that desperately need a solution and consistent resource.

At any given moment, there are as many as $2.3 billion active users on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and so on. In truth, word-of-mouth may remain the biggest factor in your success. But if you haven’t factored in a social media strategy, that same word-of-mouth—expanded and magnified online—can come back to bite you.

Customers of all ages and demographics are increasingly turning to the social media pages first—long before turning up at the door. Here are a few tips that really click:

Share your story

There’s something about every pharmacy that makes it unique. Take care to complete your company profile in full. Give the backstory about the founders. If applicable, speak to the longevity of your business, how it’s evolved and continues to serve the community. And post plenty of pictures. Each one will read as a part of your brand story.

Share compelling content

The first rule is, “Be interesting.” But as it might as well be the last rule as well. Think about what your customers are most concerned about, i.e., safety, new regulations, generic drugs, etc. If you come across a topic of interest, repost it on your Facebook and other social media pages. Even better, do it consistently and your customers will learn to expect it and become regular return visitors.

Share your originality

Express yourself. Reveal a little bit of your own thinking on subjects that determine the quality of life for people in your community. Create your own identity on topics like maintaining a healthy diet, reducing stress and getting more results from exercise. Even better, when you can tie those posts in with events happening in the community, you’ve got a “win-win” scenario.


Include one piece of curated content for every 4 original posts. This not only feeds social media algorithms that assign rankings to your page but also bolsters your standing in relevant searches.

Share, Like & Follow

Become a fan of other pages relevant to the pharmacy industry. From there, be sure to LIKE and SHARE items from applicable social media feeds back to your own page, and vice-versa. The key is being consistent with this strategy over time. The search engines truly pick up steam in your direction when you’re actively sharing content across platforms.

Quality map showing how to properly manage your social media page:


Once your story starts to take shape on social media, all kinds of metrics and the analytic information is available to help track progress and determine next steps. For example, Facebook has a number of easy-to-understand tools that can assist you in identifying your highest performing posts. Naturally, there’s trial-and-error involved, but taking care to reinforce the positive, while steering clear of the negative is self-explanatory.  

At Benzer Pharmacy, we’re here to help you do what you do better. Perhaps that might even mean joining us as a franchisee?

Keep an eye on our own social media pages to learn more!

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